A beautiful rest for mom

As excruciating as the loss of our mother is, we were also dumbfounded as how to best honour her final rest. An internet search led us to what we thought was a perfect selection. However when told a Canadian made urn would take 3-4 months, we thought an alternative was almost as nice. But when we were told that it was made in China - NO WAY!!

We then came upon Canadian Urns website. We must have been guided somehow, because we instantly knew our search ended. 

- We left an email, and a voicemail, and he called before we left our computer.

 - Bruce said he would have a template for us in 48 hours - he did it in under 24.

 - We asked for some changes. He sent us 2 alternatives, and at the end snuck in another image design.

 I showed the email to my sister - she cried. She pointed to the second alternative, and the trailing design. It was perfect!

 When it arrived, we knew our mother would have chosen it. Perhaps she did. Canadian wood, fabricated in Canada, by a Canadian. Our mother, our family, are forever grateful.


Darcy and Siobhan, D.D.O, Que.


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