About Us

Our family has a long love affair with woodworking. Bruce began the craft at a very young age and pursued his dreams through an industrial design career with a strong focus on furniture design and construction. To this day he builds beautiful wood furnishings in our shop located in Dunrobin, Ontario - just outside Ottawa.

His work includes  tables, mirrors, clocks, cabinets, charcuterie boards, mantles and  bed frames.  Meticulous and unique pieces that have found its way to so many homes.  Delighted and grateful recipients of his creations have described him as “outstandingly talented” and “a genius in the wood workshop”.  But perhaps the compliment he was most touched and humbled by was from a customer who he had built an urn for her mother.  The woman, visibly moved upon seeing the urn said, “You’ve captured the essence of my Mom in wood. You have honoured her in a way that she would have been proud.  I will cherish this as I look at it every day.“

Over the years he has built many urns for friends and relatives - all of them receiving oohs and ahhs. Grateful and comforted to have a dignified resting place for their loved one. Whether it’s for family or complete strangers the common feeling is that this personalized and beautiful urn is honouring and paying tribute to a loved one. Like a fine piece of furniture it makes a powerful statement in its stature, quality and aesthetic feel. Our son Greg has been an entrepreneur since childhood and today runs his very successful, Ottawa based business called Bathorium.  He is the one who said “You know what, you should build a business around these beautiful urns”… Canadian Urns was born.

Today it is still a small family run business that allows us to create beautiful, affordable urns that you can customize to suit your taste. This forever resting place can memorialize and pay homage to your loved one.  Was he a golfer? Was she religious? Did he have a favourite saying or phrase? Please see our detailed description of what is possible - the real limitation is just your imagination.

From our family to yours, we share in your sorrow and strive to ensure  purchase, customization and delivery of your urn is as easy and stress free as possible. 



Please feel free to contact us with any queries you have.  We want to be as helpful as possible as you face this very difficult time. 

Darlene & Bruce